The Young Peoples’ Theater Workshop is a four week (two hours per week) creative drama workshop where the purpose is to mount Stone In The Road and at the same time set up Anti-Violence Situation Coping Groups.

Stone In The Road written and directed by Earlean Anthony is a children’s theater play based upon an old tale about a good king who test his subjects by rolling a stone in the middle of the road that leads into town. The theme of the play is how to overcome stumbling blocks on you road to success.

The workshop will end with the performance of the play, Stone In The Road performed by adult artist and also performed by the young people theater workshop participants.

The young people theater workshop will be activated through the process of an inter-relationships between the Resident Artist from Dramastage-Qumran and the young workshop participants where Dramastage-Qumran resident artist will act as artistic mentors in relationship to their role in the workshop production of Stone In The Road and on how to set-up Anti-Violence Situation Coping Groups.

This group is based upon the RIP concept where RIP stands for: Registration, Information and Participation.

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